Import and export

import from thailand

Import from Thailand

Like most Southeast Asian countries, Thailand enjoys a positive trade balance of $22.38 billion. Although the trend has been deteriorating recently due to the pandemic situation, the 12-month merchandise trade … Leer

In this section you will find articles related to the import and export of products in Spain, Latin America and Asia.

The resources published in this category will serve as small guides for importers and exporters who wish to work with specific products in the markets described above.

Import and Export Services

If you need to hire the services of an import and export professional, please send us a message so that one of our consultants can contact you.

In addition to import and export consulting services, Hispasiam offers a wide range of outsourcing services for importers and exporters.

Process of exporting and importing a product

Each country has a specific regulation for the import or export of a product as well as different international treaties.

In the articles of this section we discuss the different regulations of each country and the specifications in the import and export of the same.