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International purchasing agent services

At Hispasiam we offer services as an international purchasing agent for all types of industries. We operate as the buyer’s representative and work to provide guarantees on the purchase of any product. We select the supplier taking into account our experience in international purchases and we follow the entire purchase process so that the importation of a product is a success. We have a portfolio of suppliers from various sectors that have been previously audited and that offer guarantees.

Our experience can help your business find a product with a good price and a guarantee of quality. We offer you a service that will provide you with security in all steps of the purchase. We work both in Asia and in Latin America and Spain. The Asian markets that we work the most are China, Thailand, Vietnam and India.

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Gerardo Vila

In Asia, as everywhere, manufacturers offer products according to the customer’s pocket. There are low-quality and inexpensive products, but there are also good quality and more expensive ones. Finding a provider that offers you a middle ground can take time.

At Hispasiam we always focus on the client’s need. Depending on the product, the best option may be to import from Thailand or India rather than China.

Gerardo Vila – CEO Hispasiam

Purchasing agent in China and Asia in English

Importing from China with guarantees and with a quality that is maintained over time can lead to a stressful process for a company. At Hispasiam, as an international purchasing agent, we have experienced many cases in which the product does not follow the same quality in all orders. Based on our experience, we know exactly what points to consider before selecting a good supplier.

We manage product samples with the factory so that the client can see the finish and the qualities. Our purpose in any purchase is to act as the purchasing department of our client adding our experience in the sector. We work as intermediaries to import from China and we strive to create partnerships with our clients.

international purchasing agent

What is an International Purchasing agent?

An international purchasing agent is a specialist in the area of ​​purchases who offers his service to a client to carry out the entire process of purchasing a product in a foreign country. Its main function is to manage purchases and find suppliers that offer guarantees.

The international purchasing agent can work in different types of industry and locate the products that the client needs in different countries. In the case of China, their role would be that of intermediaries to import from China.

What are the main functions of an international purchasing agent?

The functions of an international purchasing agent could be encompassed in 3 steps during the purchasing process.

Supplier selection and factory visit

The purchasing agent provides the customer with various supplier options so that they can choose and later, if necessary, visit the factory to see the manufacturing process and ensure product quality.

Negotiation of prices and payment conditions

Taking into account the client’s needs, the international purchasing agent is in charge of negotiating the prices with the supplier and the payment terms of the orders on behalf of the client.

Supervision of deadlines, transport and customs clearance

To ensure that the order arrives within the agreed deadlines, the international purchasing agent supervises the deadlines of an order, the transport of the merchandise and manages the documentation for customs clearance.

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