Suppliers: wholesale trade intermediaries

We work with a catalog of reliable Asian suppliers

At Hispasiam we work with trusted suppliers who guarantee stable and quality production. We select suppliers through audits and request for samples. We act as foreign trade intermediaries and work with trusted Asian suppliers from various industries.

If you are an entrepreneur or distributor of a product and you are looking for suppliers, do not hesitate to contact us so that we can find the best supplier for your product or sector. We work with several manufacturers that offermanufacturing to third parties so that you can stamp your brand on the product.

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Suppliers by Industry

Below we show you some of the sectors with which we usually work and in which we have regular contact with wholesale suppliers. If you cannot find your sector or product in the list, send us a message, as we may already be working with the product but it is not listed on our website.

Textile sector suppliers

We work with several suppliers in the textile sector that offer the possibility of customizing their products with the client’s requirements.





Food and beverage suppliers

We act as wholesale trade intermediaries and work with both Asian and Spanish food and beverage suppliers.


Canned fish



Cosmetics suppliers

The cosmetics sector is one of the most demanded by our clients. Our cosmetic suppliers offer quality and guarantees and we work with suppliers from Spain and Asia.





Energy suppliers

At Hispasiam we have a high environmental awareness and that is why we are committed to renewable energy. Our energy sector suppliers offer quality and production capacity.

Solar panels


Street lamps

Photovoltaic components

Contact us if you are looking for a specific product and you do not see it listed on our website.