More than 10 years combining commercial experience and results for the client.

HISPASIAM is a sales consultant with extensive experience in the international trade industry of Asian products and the ideal partner to carry out key business operations for all Latin American countries. We are a world leader in the creation of solutions, highly trained to manage and conclude business successfully to market products in Spanish-speaking regions.

Our working areas

Purchasing agent

We act as a purchasing agent for various sectors. We select suitable suppliers for a product.

Suppliers search

Product quality analysis

Follow up with the supplier

Asian and Hispanic Markets

High production capacity

Sales agent

We work the Asian and Hispanic markets in search of potential clients for the products that our clients manufacture.

Market analysis

Competitor analysis

Communication with the customer

Order processing

Customer loyalty

Products certification

We offer a certification service for industrial products through local certification bodies.

Documentation study

Certification process

Search for certifiers

Certification monitoring

Audit tracking

I contacted Gerardo because he had previously worked with another company and we had had contact. He told me what kind of business I wanted to do and I thought about hiring his services because I knew he was professional. I couldn’t be happier with the help that he and his team have given us.

– Link logistics