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Industrial product certification services

At Hispasiam we know that one of the most important parts of the sale for the international sales agents is the product certification. In certain products, having a certification or not having it can be a differential point with the competition and to establish itself in the market.

Hispasiam offers the product certification management service for clients who want their product to have a much better chance of being accepted by the market.

The certification of an industrial product usually entails audits and in general fulfill a series of conditions that certify the characteristics of a product. We take care of the management and communication with the company authorized for such certification.

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Many manufacturers have a product of very good quality and even better than the competition. However, without a certification of their product, they are at a commercial disadvantage.

The product certification process can be long and exhausting, but sales of a certified product can increase up to 300%.

Sunaree Sukarom– Sales director (Asia)

Accreditation or homologation of products in Hispanic and Asian countries

In the process of accreditation or homologation of products, it is important to involve the client in the homologation process so that audits with guarantee and product corrections can be carried out, if necessary. Approving an industrial product for sale in a given country can lead to a substantial increase in sales for the chosen market

Each country has its own legislation for the approval of products, although the European and American standards are usually established as standards.

industrial product certification

What is product certification?

Product certification is a process in which an independent company or third party certifies in writing that a specific product complies with established regulations.

Depending on the type of product to be certified, the product certification process may involve a series of inspections and tests. An example of inspection and testing in the product certification process could be the inspection of the manufacturing process of the product or a test of the same.

These types of inspections are generally performed at the factory of the company that manufactures the product. An inspection may also be carried out once the product is on the market.

What products can be certified?

There are a wide variety of products that can be certified from different sectors. The main sectors with certifiable products are:

  • Metallurgy
  • Construction
  • Food
  • Home appliances
  • Automotive
  • Energy
  • Some services

What are the advantages of product certification?

There are significant benefits to obtaining product certification from an accredited body. The main ones are the following.

Customer trust

A certified product conveys more confidence than a product that is not certified, since product certification is associated with its quality. This is one of the reasons why many clients request a product certification at the beginning of the commercial deal.

Brand recognition

A certified product enjoys a certain recognition by the market and the end consumer. This recognition has a direct impact on the brand and the consumer associates the brand of the product with quality.

Failure reduction

During the product certification process, they are subjected to a thorough evaluation. Considering that these evaluations are designed to minimize product failures, a product with an accredited certification sees its possibility of failure reduced.

What companies can carry out product certification?

Companies that can carry out product certification must be accredited by an accreditation body. In Spain, for example, this body is the National Accreditation Entity (ENAC) which has aSearch tool on their website to locate companies that can perform product certification.

Each country has organizations that accredit companies (third parties) and submit them to an evaluation so that they can carry out the activity of auditing and issuing product certificates. Some of these companies (third parties) provide service worldwide.

Is product certification and management system certification the same?

A company that decides to certify its products can assess whether to certify all the products in its catalog or only some. Product certification is related to the acceptance of a product in a market or for the final consumer.

When we refer to the certification of a company’s management systems, we are evaluating the management systems implemented or internal procedures of the company on a specific issue. Some of these management systems are R&D management, quality management, environmental management, civil liability, etc.

Are accreditation and product certification the same?

Product certification evaluates the manufacturing or harvesting process of a product. It is a way of declaring that a product has been manufactured taking into account a series of previously defined requirements.

The accreditation of a product accredits or homologates a product for its commercialization and an evaluation of technical competence is carried out.

It could be summarized that the accreditation or homologation of a product has the competence of accrediting a product in technical aspects while the certification of a product certifies that it complies with a regulation that does not have to be technical.

How can I carry out the accreditation and certification of my company’s products?

As we have mentioned previously, the product certification must be carried out by an independent company duly registered to issue the certification or accreditation. At Hispasiam we have professionals who are specialists in the accreditation and certification of products. We have extensive experience in the approval of industrial products in Spanish-speaking countries and Asia.

If you want a member of our team to contact you and advise you on the accreditation or certification process of your products, please contact us and we will study your case to give you personalized advice.