Sales & Marketing


In HISPASIAM we concentrate our efforts in systematizing a joint process focused on a series of fundamental factors to ensure sales of products. With all these factors in mind, HISPASIAM ensures success and sales in any country in Latin America.

In-depth study of the product to sale and its external factors in the market. If there is not a knowledge of the characteristics and functionalities of a product, there are no resources to sale the product.

Development of proactive activities which allow to explore potential clients, a first contact ... (social networks, telephone, e-mail, visits).

After a first contact, it is very important to leave a good impression to gain the trust of the client. The peculiarities of each client are meticulously analyzed, being flexible in all communications.

The key to maintaining a customer's interest in a product or services is to know the needs that produce interest in a customer to buy a product or hire a service.

Once the needs of a client are properly identified, the art of knowing how to brand the product highlighting the qualities that the client needs is an indispensable task. (In Hispasiam we use all channels enabled to facilitate the Marketing of any product in any market).

After flirting a product through social networks, advertisements, e-mails, calls...), is a must to provide a full availability and service to all customers. Failure to do so would risk losing potential sales.

In a sales department, we have to be aware that business relationships fluctuate based on other economic variables and the market itself, but the virtue of finding a customer and completing the sale lies in never giving up and being constant.

Issuing a sales process is simple and is the main objective by which a negotiation is established with a client, but so that it does not become a failure, all efforts should be concentrated on concluding and leaving all the aspects and terms confirmed by which closes a negotiation.