HISPASIAM is a consultant leading Thai company with a wide experience in the international commerce industry for Asian products and the ideal partner to carry out the key operations of business for all Latin American countries. We are a worldwide leader in the creation of solutions, highly capable to manage and conclude to business successfully to market the products in Spanish speaking regions.

We are experts in attracting new market niches and new customers for your firm. We build safe and reliable commercial ties to carry out successful projects, creating your Spanish client portfolio, analyzing all the features and technical requirements for your products and closing purchase orders in the most optimal conditions for your company.

Our Vision

HISPASIAM is focused in the long term period business from the conviction of preserve a company profile centered to provide transparency and a clean and organized labor, which is the key to consolidate a prosperous communication commercial channel between enterprises.


Our Mission

To provide a professional and efficient consultant commercial service which ensure the success and the presence of an Asian company in a Latin American Market.